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 Welcome to the website of iQube – The performance marketing agency.

If you are a serious email database owner (the word serious implies that the management of your email list might be done following the requirements of your country privacy regulation) and you cannot / do not want to get involved in the daily basis commercial management, probably we are the right solution for the monetization of your data.

Infact we can work for you doing ALL the necessary to monetize your databases, bringing profits for you. Just deliver your list to us and:

  • we’ll keep the list clean (every day)
  • we’ll choose the right campaigns for your database cherry picking from dozens of affiliate networks worldwide (even twice a day)
  • we’ll organize all the technical aspects (HTML, delivery, bounce management, complaints, ….)
  • we’ll take care of all the administrative matters (validation, invoicing, payment)
  • we’ll keep you informed about your database revenue (24X7)

The only thing you have to do is issue an invoice a month in order to get the profits produced by your lists.

Sounds interesting?

If yes, please, contact us using the form below: